Terms of Use for YoutubeToMP3.com

1. Your Acceptance

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2. Service

  1. This service is in no way associated with Youtube. By using this service the user agrees not to make copies or distribute material that has a copyright, trademark or is restricted in any way. YoutubetoMp3.com provides a media conversion tool. This tool is solely for personal use. The user is solely responsible to determine if the material being converted is restricted in any way. Youtubetomp3.com does not archive or maintain any content submitted by the user. This service cannot be used to develop a third party site.
  2. Youtubetomp3.com is responsible to edit or censor the content submitted by the user for file conversion. All use of the media converter is at the users own risk and Youtubetomp3.com does not take responsibility for the type of video files being converted.

3. Limitation of Liability

  1. You acknowledge that Youtubetomp3.com, any of its officers, directors or employees are NOT liable for any damages whatsoever from any misuse of this service in any way. This service is a media conversion tool and any illegal conduct rests entirely with the end user.

4. Report Copyright violation

  1. If you are the owner of copyrighted material or the agent thereof and you want to report the misuse of this service please contact us. We will ban the material from our website immediately.