Where are my files?
Our software does not know to what directory your browser will download the files. Please investigate these settings within your browser to locate this directory.

Does your website support Mp4 conversions?
Our software has the ability to convert video to Mp4, however this feature will only be available in our member area. Our member area product launch will be later this Year!

What FLV file types do you support?
Currently we support Youtube, Google video, Yahoo video and Flickr video. All of these video types can be converted to Mp3

How do I convert Youtube to Mp3?
We have made this process as simple as possible. Simply go to one of the supported video sites. Search for the video you would like to convert. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into our converter, then click convert

I selected High quality on my conversion but the audio quality is still poor
When our software scrapes the audio out of your FLV file that audio can only be equal to the quality of the video. So if you select a low quality video your audio quality will be poor even if you select a high quality conversion